Mumbai was the worst-hit city from COVID-19. The positive cases were rising very high. Banks had to suffer a lot whenever any new case was reported in their branch. To cope with the situation Central Bank of India requested an immediate sanitization of their branches. The company was already dealing with a lot of stress and loss due to the pandemic. Therefore, it was our aim to give them the most effective sanitization service in order to flush out a large part of their stress. The main idea was to prevent the outbreaks of more COVID-19 cases.


Our expert sanitization teams gathered up immediately across the Mumbai branches with all the necessary equipment and products. Every preventive measure was followed during the entire process. Our experts identified all the potential entry points and progressively sanitized all of them. It was important to sanitize all the entry and touchpoints as soon as possible to decrease the spread.

We used quality approved and effective sanitizing agents for the operation. Every spot was nicely sanitized. We took extra care of the property. The computer systems were carefully sanitized without using any water. The electronics components and fire extinguishers were disinfected using safe products so that they don’t catch fire. Extensive sanitization was performed in the sitting areas, desks, counters, reception, and other checkpoints.


The complete sanitization and disinfection of the branches of the Central Bank of India completed within the assured time. This project was a great example of proper planning and execution. The branch manager was totally satisfied and overwhelmed with the results. We assured a secured and productive working environment.