We got a quick car sanitization service request from Indore. Signita is a well-known and experienced car sanitization service provider and we have done more than 1000 quick car sanitization in Indore for different car service centres like Toyota, Honda, Tata, etc. Hence, it was not something very new we were going to do. Our expert car sanitization team was all prepared. We aimed to provide our standard best quality work and along with that we also focused on building a trustful relationship with the client by providing them reliable work.


Our objectives were clear, we had to continue doing the same top-notch quality work we do for all our clients. Adding to that, we had to build a long-term relationship with them so that we could get more sanitization contracts from them in the future. For the proper safety of the service centre’s employees and our team, all the professionals were equipped with the necessary preventive gears.

Our professionals used right sanitizing products, microfibre cloth, mist sprinkler, and other equipment to ensure completely sanitized and glittering cars without risking the surfaces. We took extra preventive measures to avoid any kind of scratches or damage to the cars. From interior to exterior, doors to brakes, handles to seats, we perfectly sanitized all the spots with an effectiveness of 99.99%.


Finally, the sanitization work was completed within the ensured time. The head of the service centre was very impressed by our wide range of service equipment used during the process and after the completion, he was very satisfied with the results. The sanitization was very effective. In the end, they promised us regular contracts for sanitization and deep cleaning.