A residential building immediately required facility management and maintenance after the existing contractor refused to continue the work due to a shortage of employees and resources. It was now our responsibility to provide top-class facility management and maintenance service during the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time, there was an extensive shortage of manpower and material resources. We had to deliver the best quality work with the limited resources within ensured time.


Without worrying about the limited resources, we took over the responsibility on our shoulders. Our confidence, prior preparation, and efficient facility management were enough to complete the project. Our integrated facility management professionals used very efficient techniques to produce amazing results while utilizing very few resources. We never experienced any kind of shortage during the entire operation as we already planned the project very strategically.

Our staffs worked round the clock to ensure that the building is fully operational at all times. We also carried out periodic deep cleans and managed the supply of water and sewage. In addition to that, we also took care of janitorial services, landscaping, security management, and other procurements.


The maintenance work of the residential building completed before the ensured time and the end results were much better than what they were getting before. Our client was very convinced after reviewing the building. The residents of the building could immediately observe the difference. They also helped us to get new leads after being happy with the results.